Microsoft Certification Test Fest

26th October – 10th November 2022

The Microsoft Certification Test Fest is designed for Deakin University students to help them to rapidly develop the skills needed to pass a range of Microsoft Certified Fundamentals Certification Exams.

WIN a $100 Amazon Voucher – The student who scores the highest in their Microsoft Certification Exam will win the prize of $100 Amazon Voucher.


STEP 1: Book Exam

10th November 2022 – Microsoft Certification Exam Test Fest Day. Exams will be taken online using ‘Exam From Home’ Solution. Spaces will fill up fast, please book your seat before its too late.


STEP 2: Exam Prep Recordings

Watch Exam Prep Recordings for each of the exam programs by clicking ‘Watch Now’ below.


STEP 3: Learn

MS Learn Pathways give you access to all the learning you need to prepare for your exam. Click on the ‘Learn’ Button beside each exam program below.


STEP 4: GMetrix Practice Test

Put your skills to the test and take a GMetrix Practice Test. To help you prepare for your exam, students can test skills prior to the real exam by taking practice tests. To redeem practice test access code:

1. Register an account which you can do by following the link here and click ‘Sign Up’. This will set you up as a student so you can begin the learning and practice tests.

2. Log on, navigate to ‘Redeem’ (on the left navigation pane) and type in this access code: 62504-TESTFEST-98877

3.To access your Skills Analysis, Action Learning and Practice Test:

a.Click on ‘Start New Test’ (on the left navigation pane) and select a program to take a test on. The next time you log in you do not need to redeem the code – simply click on ‘Start New Test’.


STEP 5: Exam Ready

Ready to take your exam on the 10th November? Before you can take the exam, you must

1.Create a Test Candidate account with Certiport. The Username & Password you set up with Certiport will be required on the day to log into the exam software at your allocated time. You can register an account by clicking here

2.Read the exam guide which includes critical information about your exam and how you will begin your exam.


Contact Email 

For student enquiries and support, please email

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